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Remembrance project

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This is a community arts project for young people that shines a light on Remembrance. 

The Snow Goose (by Paul Gallico) is a story of friendship and love, set against the backdrop of the horror of war. Fabula Arts has devised a piece of theatre which we can perform at your school or in a community setting. Working alongside this, we offer creative arts workshops in art, drama and creative writing which explore the themes of the play : war, Remembrance, heroism, the natural world and treatment of outsiders.

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We cannot thank Fabula Arts enough for the inspirational workshops that they provided for our children and I cannot thank James and his team enough for their communication and professionalism throughout. Overall, the nature of the project worked perfectly for our children. By meeting the actors, and performing sequences of the show, the play was brought to life, and they were in awe when we watched the performance of the Snow Goose for real, and saw how the work they had done had contributed to the performance. During the day in school, the team worked effectively and pitched their work at an appropriate level so that the children were engaged as well as challenged.

Newton Road Primary School, Rushden

Firstly, thank you so much for giving our year 6 children this amazing experience. Both the workshops and the performance of The Snow Goose gave a great opportunity to discuss diversity and disability and people's perception of other people. This linked in with our PHSE topics and raised the children's awareness significantly. There was not a single child who did not enjoy the performance of The Snow Goose. The themes of the play aligned with our curriculum content in History (conflict with emphasis on WW2) and enhanced the knowledge and skills taught in school. It additionally gave increased significance to Remembrance Day and the act of remembrance itself. The children got so much out of both the drama and the art workshops, as well, and were able to develop new skills in both. The feedback from the children was universally positive.

Hardingstone Primary School, Northampton

This project works well for KS2 or KS3.


Get in touch ( to discuss how we could bring it to your school.

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