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Welcome to Fabula Arts!

Creative Arts for Young People

The Latin word fabula means a story. It was also the word the Romans used for a play. At Fabula Arts our aim is to provide opportunities for young people to make stories in whichever disciplines of the creative arts inspire them. At a time when performance and success within schools is too often measured by exam results and teaching itself is perhaps too focused at times to deliver that outcome, at Fabula Arts we see other ways of achieving success. We believe in a creative education. But we also embrace the fact that creativity is not easily measurable. Playing, experimenting, making mistakes and learning from them are all part of the process. And it is the process that matters most.

We also aim to put young people at the heart of Fabula Arts. Young people are inherently creative … all of them. Whether they realise it or not. It is a source of great pride that the Fabula Arts website was designed and effected by an eighteen year old and our creative Shakespeare logo was painted by a fifteen year old. Fabula Arts will give young people opportunities to express themselves. We shall work with primary and secondary aged children. Furthermore, we shall give young adults opportunities to be involved in leadership and practitioner roles. We very much believe in young people.

So, as we begin our process, have a look at what we do and spread the word. We look forward to providing creative arts opportunities for young people in and around Northamptonshire. We hope you will join us.

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