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We were delighted to receive over 60 entries for our Lost Words in the Woods Junior Poetry Competition. We were also very grateful that the Wytham Woods Writer in Residence, Dr Alice Little, was able to judge the competition.

There was some brilliant poetry and underneath are eleven of the entries.

Huge thanks to all who took part!


Hunted scarlet fox


Hunted scarlet fox

Tails with a dot of white

Thieves of the night

A flame of light


Hunted scarlet fox

Sneaking through the forest

Unworthy liar 

Fur the colour of fire


Hunted scarlet fox 

Running to prey 

Going to a farm to eat a hen 

Now going to sleep in a cosy den


by Niamh


Newt, oh Newt,

In your shiny gold suit,

Strutting around all day.

“Not cute,” he did say

As he stepped through the forest

Heading forward, due straight for west

He scaled a rocky river,

“Let the insects bow and quiver,”

Spoke he in his search,

For an insect-ridden Birch,

To eat the tasty treat inside.

His mouth opened wide

And he pounced

The Newt.

by Earvin


Red Fox


Rusty red fur, staring brown eyes,

Evening dinners, communicated by cries,

Daring, cunning, curious they creep


Flexible, nimble, like acrobats they leap,

On streets and gardens they look for prey,

X-ray like vision, they work all day


They hunt, adapt and scavenge through bins,

They look through bags, packets and tins,

These creatures are agile, shy and sly,

To get their meals they must hide and spy


Take care of these creatures they are part of our world

Don’t take them for granted they help our earth  

by Martha

Forest Keys 


An ash key unlocks a secret

A secret of a lush green wood

Filled with the chirping of crickets

And the tweet tweet of birds


A sycamore key unlocks a tiny door

In which there may be pixies

Pixies who look after the wise old oak

Who provides a home for many animals


A maple key unlocks a treasure chest

A treasure chest of old brown leaves

Which can tell a tale of each and every tree

by Roly



I am Woodpecker,

A streak of blood on the horizon, 

A bolt of pride searing across the night sky.

I am Woodpecker,

A dot of red up high as the silent

dawn comes to an end.

I am Woodpecker,

As the long days start to shorten,

I must leave my home at last,

With the beating of my silent wing,

I must leave behind my past.

by Rosa

The Red Fox

The Great Red Fox,

This stealthy predator moves through the rocks.

See it coming you will never,

Its soft paws are as light as a feather,

And in its eyes blaze the weather.

by Jamie

Red Fox

People always wonder, "Whose bin next?"

That's because of the red fox,

Always in their bins,

Only the kids know how great they are

With majestic fur,

Gentle tails.

But all the adults say is,

"Bother that sly red fox."

by Layla

The Mottled Newt

I'm a mottled newt,

So shiny and cute.

Watch how I glide on the river-side,

I have shiny skin,

So pure and thin.

But underneath lies a deadly sin :

If you dare to eat me,

You will see that a deadly poison lies within me.

by Jen



Beautiful brambles bursting with brightness. 

Raging to huddle around houses. 

Amazing invaders, space takers 

Maliciously eating up plants 

Bustling flowers out the way

Looping house to house right away

Stinging  plants to death just isn't ok. 

by Amelia 

This Tree


The beast of the forest, 

Silent and still.

A place for birds,

But held by its will.


Majestic, kingly, superior,

Ancient being, long behold.

Such with 900 years to live, 

Hears every story told.


Its glowing hour ends, 

After 500 years.

But still it rules bountifully,

While we all cry our tears.


Humanly, yes,

But so very wise.

As he watches over, 

Our inferior lives.


The centre of the forest,

Though it may not rise as high.

As birch, Beech and pine,

Whose tips are one with the sky.


Though it is crippled,

This tree stands tall.

It may block your path,

But is so much more than a wall.


Hard, durable, strong,

Sturdy and mature.

But with ships concerned,

We seem to ask for more.


Every piece of knowledge,

Ever known, you see.

And every seed ever sown,

Was seen by this tree.


Widespread leaves,

Stiff and wooden.

A silent air of presence,

Rarely beaten.


This tree is a wonder

This tree is blessing


The Oak

by Roberta



Sturdy branches, ancient base,

Acorns falling at a pace.

I am old, I am wise, 

Ready to grow, ready to rise.


Leaves are stretching at a height,

Branches expanding with all their might.

I am old, I am wise,

Ready to grow, ready to rise.


Squirrels scurry up and down

In my powerful twig town.

I am old, I am wise,

Ready to grow, ready to rise.


My roots sink deeper into the ground,

Worms crawl over, not making a sound.

I am old, I am wise,

Ready to grow, ready to rise.


Beetles, bugs, flying soundless,

Humans climbing, just as careless.

I am old, I am wise,

Ready to grow, ready to rise.


But soon I will wither away,

My beautiful roots will decay.

I am old, I am wise,

The woodpecker in my branches dies.


by Lea 

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