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STAGE 1 (3 or 4 weeks prior to performance)

Fabula Arts come to your school to discuss your particular requirements with relevant staff. We can use an existing script or we can write a bespoke script designed for your group.

If necessary, Fabula Arts leads a drama workshop with your pupils in order to develop a relationship with pupils. This is especially important if we are devising a unique script for your school.

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STAGE 2 (Monday of Performance Week)

Fabula Arts brings practitioners to your school. They lead four days of workshops and rehearsals with your pupils to prepare them for their performance.

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STAGE 3 (Friday – Performance Day)

Fabula Arts practitioners lead run-throughs of the performance ahead of a performance for friends and family either at the end of the school day or in the evening.

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Some feedback from pupils

The workshop sessions helped us open up

A great week led by great people

I had so much fun and loved the games that helped us understand the characters

It was fun to gain insight into how hard you have to work to put on a play

I loved choreographing the dances

I felt like I stepped outside my comfort zone

It built my confidence up so much

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