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Take part in Creative Arts workshops which allow your leavers the opportunity to reflect on their time at the school and respond in an artistic way

Book workshops for your leavers in Art, Creative Writing, Drama and/or Music.

Our practitioners will lead sessions where your pupils look back on their time at your school and look forward to what lies ahead. Then pupils will get the chance to respond to their ideas using the creative arts.

These workshops work especially well when they lead towards a live, end of year performance or an exhibition of pupil work.

Get in touch for more details.


Make a creative arts Leavers Video, a time capsule where pupils leaving the school can share all their favourite memories


The aim of this five-day project is to allow your school leavers to explore creative ways to reflect on their time at your school. The themes for each day are deliberately general, so allowing pupils to consider recent and past memories that span across the whole gamut of school life :


Teachers and the Classroom, Friends, Food, Outside the Classroom and Favourite Memories


Each day pupils are introduced to different ways of exploring the themes so they can not only share different content but also practise a range of creative methods : poetry, creative writing, monologues, documentary, painting, drawing. Then pupils will learn and practise videography skills to turn their work into videos.


It is a five day project but it is very flexible and can be adapted to fit the requirements of any school.


Here is one of our resource videos :

Winchester House School said the resources were “very clear and easy to understand”, “accessible to all ages and abilities” and “always engaging in their content.


Summer Fields School said the project was a “great week of activity” and the resources helped “the originality of each pupil’s work to be put on display.” They confirmed that  the “enthusiasm of the pupils comes through” in their “light-hearted but heart-warming” responses. They said the overall experience was “to be highly recommended!




Access to all the resources (videos, written information, worksheets)


Access to all the resources (videos, written information, worksheets) and Fabula Arts edit the videos

£500 to £750

Note : this will depend on the number of pupils and the time-frame

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