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We believe every child can grow through experiencing the works of Shakespeare. We also know, however, that sometimes there are barriers to overcome with young people.

Our Shakespeare workshops are designed to lift the words off the page and bring Shakespeare to life by maximising pupil involvement in the sessions.


We offer whole day workshops for PRIMARY and SECONDARY pupils in KEY STAGES 2 to 4 and we tailor work to fit specific groups.

We also offer extended Shakespeare projects that run weekly through the term.

Currently, you can choose from the following plays : 

- Romeo and Juliet
- Macbeth
- A Midsummer Night’s Dream
- The Winter’s Tale
- Henry V
- Hamlet

Your pupils will experience Shakespeare by making his stories, his characters and his language physical and by so doing, they may lose their fear of him.

For more information about our Shakespeare workshops (including prices),

get in touch at

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