Come and meet us!

Improvisation has been at the forefront of Senior Youth Theatre sessions, which have started very positively in our temporary venue of Quinton Village Hall. We meet for an hour and a half on a Thursday evening and for students and practitioners improvisation helps make that ninety minute period an escape from everyday life. The Summer Term is exam term for many, of course. But exams truly seem far away when we are engaged in scenes involving cat circuses, ghosts, meeting men in parks to buy spoons, aliens who dislike the Eiffel Tower and the fear of the pizza delivery man being the police coming to arrest you.

Furthermore, a reflection on the last year revealed some beautiful thoughts about Youth Theatre sessions. They are “a great laugh”, “really fun”. You get to “learn new things” and “make new friends.” It is a “relaxed environment” and “so entertaining”. You can “express yourself freely” and “expand your imagination.” We would love more young people to come and experience this for themselves.

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