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We are delighted to be offering an opportunity for young people aged 7 to 13

to take part in our Lost Words creative workshops at Bradlaugh Fields on

Wednesday October 30th.

The Lost Words, a book of creative writing and artwork designed specifically for

young people, is inspired by nature. More precisely it was a response to certain

“natural” words being taken out of the Oxford English Children’s Dictionary to be

replaced by more “digital” language. The wheel certainly keeps turning and you

cannot stop technological progress. But The Lost Words asks us to question which

parts of our past we really want to let go of. And at what expense?

Hopefully our creative workshops will go some way to planting seeds in the minds of

the next generation, a generation that seems more switched on than any previous

one as concerns the future of our planet. Bradlaugh Fields Barn provides a beautiful,

outdoor setting to explore the natural world both literally and creatively, to take part

in some creative activities and to have some fun.

We hope that lots of young people will spend a few hours of their half-term week with

us. I am sure we shall all learn something too!

For more information, have a look at our website or contact us at

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